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An easy-to-use SIP client but...

Although Telephone is easy to configure and shows an excellent audio quality, one important element lacks: a virtual keyboard. In spite of the instructions on the FAQ page, no tone signal is tranmitted while typying the numbers after the call was established. The next version should concentrate on this aspect, as the remaining features are far well developed.

BUG with "End Call"

Message from Philippe, working in Paris - France Using "telephone" with french SFR provider and "" as domain name. The command "End Call" (cmd+.) does not work. When you press the double key, the message well indicates that your call is ended, but the line is still ONLINE... To end the call, I need to QUIT the app. Can you explain me what is going on? Thanks in advance, Philippe

Good app. Does what it says

If you want to call using a SIP provider this is the cheapest option with basic design. The call quality is good. Very simple to set. Good App. If you are looking for something more Fancy, this is not the app you want. Thanks.

Need to be updated for Maverick

Doesn’t work anymore since I’m on Maverick, but good soft. Ne marche plus depuis le passage sur Maverick, mais bon logiciel (simple & efficace)

Simple and objective

It is recommended.

it just doesn’t work for me and keeps crashing

I’m trying it out with Telekom Deutschland, but it keeps crashing so I can’t even try out different settings without continuing to delete and re-install the app.

Does what its supposed to

I am using it on yosemite and its working flawlessly. My settings were saved and it access my local contacts too. Extremely light and integrates very well. There is a similar application called MobileVOIP for the iphone and ipad which does the same. Perfect

Adding basic bluetooth functionality?

Hello Mr. Kuznetsov, could you also add basic bluetooth headset functionality like double pressing phone button for recall last number, or pressing one time for hang up? Or maybe naigating thru numbers using volume +,- on headset ? :)

I’d be happy to pay...

Well, it works just fine...Alexei, do us and yourself a favor. Create a pro version, charge some bucks for it (the donation model doesn’t work, does it?) and make the app have a nice looking log file displaying all past calls along with numbers, names, dates, times, lengths etc.

Awesome and simple app

Hi there, am using this app quite often. like it because it is very light weight and brought down to the main features. what i am missing, is the oppurtunity to get it to react to "callto:” URLs. For now it reacts to the standard “tel:” and sip:

Nice App!

I like the programm, works perfect with my Fritzbox.


I would even pay for a Pro version of this! Really great, just does what its supposed to.

Chrashed often

On my Macbook from 2010 the up does crash often. Please update

Crashes on every call on El Capitan 10.11.6

I always loved Telephone, but the last 1.2.2 update introduced a problem: Whenever I place an outgoing call, the calls window immediately turns to a „failed call“ even though the actual call goes through in the background. Now I can not terminate the call, since the window stays open, but the red termination window control is inactive. I even managed to get two apparent calls on top of each other - one being connected and having a second ring on top of that with no second window. Only a forced quit of the app is possible at this point to regain control. I rolled back to 1.2.1 and the problem is gone. I will stay with 1.2.1 for now - I hope this gets resolved soon.

Simple and reliable

Works great and has been rock solid for me for months now. It would be great if it could send DTMF tones during a call, but thats not vital for my usage. Great stuff.

Doesnt work with freephonie

It doesnt work with my SIP account

Great, simple app

Great, simple SIP client. Wish it had "rewriting" to better deal with phone number formats as they tend to be stored in address book. Ive actually been using this app for a while and already had it installed - the App Store recognized this for many apps but for some reason did not see that I already had it. Re-installing from the app store worked fine.

Use with Address Book

You can use Telephone with the Address Book. I use it since a long time an was bored to always write inside the phone inside the window. But i find that a left click on the name of the phone number in Address Book show you a way to dial with Telephone. Work great always.

Issues with sound settings

The app kept trying to use an inactive bluetooth headset for audio despite the fact that both Sound settings on the laptop and Telephone app sound settings were configured to built-in input/output. Locked up the computer and required a forced reboot. Only way to solve this was to delete the bluetooth pairing for the inactive headset. Once that was done, the app was usuable.

Simply nice!

Yeah, thats all I can say! Its just a tiny window that does exactly what a phone needs to do: call. No whatever around, just a sleek-designed window, no ad, no complicated questions to asnwer at the beginning. Love it! Plus its free!

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